Sunday, February 13, 2011

Why Start A Blog?

     I love reading other people's blogs and I have loved to write since I was a child. I remember my dad bringing home these huge blank ledgers from work and giving them to me to write in. They had alphabetic tabs and I would write a story for each letter. Wish I still had those; I'll bet they'd be really funny to read now!
     Just a little background to get started....I retired from 30+ years of teaching last June and am enjoying my free time so much these days. Everyone asks,"What do you DO all day?", when the question should really be,"How do you find time for all the things you love to do?" Yep, I am busy scrapping, making cards, playing with my electronic gadgets, reading up a storm, doing things around the house (okay, not that much), and enjoying my time with Bill and the pups. It is a good life and one that I am not taking for granted.
     To get started, I have a question that I hope you'll respond to. What do you especially like about blogs? What makes you want to read one over another? What do they need to include to keep your interest? I would be very interested in your feedback as I feed my creative need to write!


  1. How exciting that you started a blog.
    There are many things i love about blogs. I follow receipe blogs, craft blogs, geo caching blogs. the most important thing in a blog is to update it :)
    See you in cyber space my friend :)

  2. Welcome to blogging!! Looks great so far! Look forward to seeing more :)

  3. I like reading friends blogs to get a little glimpse of what's going on in their lives at the moment. I also love to look at scrapbook blogs for inspiration.

  4. Thanks, Gemiel! Your blog is inspirational in so many ways. I loved the 'diamond' post and seeing all the lovely scrapbook pages!