Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Scrap Happy

     I have been scrapping up a storm since I retired and am loving it! I have so many projects I have put aside until now and am thoroughly enjoying choosing what I feel like doing and working on it. From mini-albums to regular 12 by 12 pages and page kits, I have been cranking it out!
     For those outside of the scrapbooking world, making page kits is a time saver for 'crops' or retreats so that you can not only make the most of your time, but avoid bringing everything from  your stash with you (don't ask me how I know) and spend all your time looking through it for what you want instead of getting pages done. Basically it entails planning out your page and slipping your cardstock, patterned paper, and embellishments into a ziplock bag or page protector, then pulling out the kit to work on. These can be as elaborate or simple as you wish. I tend to be more elaborate, usually pre-planning the page by actually putting it all together except for the gluing and some cutting. Then I sketch it out on a small piece of paper and slap the whole thing in a page protector in a binder. At the crop, I can talk and laugh and have fun because I don't need to do a whole lot of thinking about what I am doing.
     So I have been making up a lot of page kits for the last several months, because I have two weekend retreats coming up in about a month and a half. I know I will have a great time socializing as I put my pages together from the kits. Happy scrapping!

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  1. I am not super detailed but loving having page kits at the crops :) Happy scrappin friend