Monday, February 14, 2011

Feb. 14 Means Love

     There are so many things  I love that make me happy. One is scrapbooking and another is collecting (and even using) Vera Bradley items. I actually did a two page layout of Vera that I would like to share with you today. It made me smile to combine two of my 'loves'.

     The first one is just to show my lovely travel pieces from a trip to Roanoke in one of my favorite patterns called Purple Punch. There's a little background for the second page to understand one reason I made it. Over a year ago I was on my annual Fourth of July visit to the Outer Banks to my brother and sister in law's house. They have several stores there that carry Vera, but I was disappointed because the new release of my newest favorite pattern, Very Berry Paisley, was to come out on the 8th and I wouldn't be there for it. We stopped by the stores anyway and lo and behold, one of them had put their new stuff out before the launch date (a huge no-no, which I later found out)! I went screaming through the store and told my sis it could be a while! What a great surprise! It was even better because I was carrying an All In One Wristlet in VBP that someone had gotten me at a preview store and the owner of one of the other stores all but accosted me to find out how I got it. She then examined it to see if it was 'real'.  I was so tempted to go back after my Vera haul, but I restrained myself!! Anyway, Happy Heart Day everyone!

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