Thursday, February 24, 2011

Memories of Our Summer Vacation

I am working on a scrapbook from our vacation and decided to do a little research to add to the book to make it more authentic. There are many things I could (and probably will) say about this trip, but the facts tell it better.

We arrived at Dee's Cottage in Topsail Beach, NC on Sat., Sept. 25 for a  'late summer' vacation on the oceanfront! According to the National Weather Service, this was the weather during our stay:

Sunday, Sept. 26
Widespread showers led to heavy rains.  0.59" of rain

Monday, Sept. 27
Persistent rainfall at rates of 1/2" or more per hour, peaking at 1.99" in one hour. Flash Flood Warnings, the first of 16 to be issued during this five day period.   10.33 inches of rain

Tuesday, Sept. 28
Some calm before the storm with a brief respite, then heavy rain later. 1.95" of rain

Wed., Sept. 29
Heavy rain. Tropical Storm Nicole effects. FFW, Tornado Warnings, Small Craft Advisory Warnings, Tropical Storm Warnings. Roads flooding and some washed out.   7.37" of rain

Thursday, Sept. 30
Light rain showers, then remnants of TS Nicole, more FFWs and washed out roadways. Rain ended late Thurs. night.  2.29" of rain

Other facts about this week:
*The area was suffering a mild drought before all this began.
*Out of 101 hours between 2 pm  Sunday and 6 pm Thursday at least a trace of rain was recorded during 84 of them.
*Rain was recorded during 42 straight hours.
*The area now boasts the wettest 3-day, 4-day and 5-day periods in history since 1850. Several days beat the rains encountered during Hurricane Floyd in 1999.
*Total rainfall 22.54"

                  "....and that was how I spent my summer vacation. The End"

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  1. I love adding these kinds of tidbits to my layouts :)