Sunday, June 19, 2011

     Hey, everyone! I have two more stick pin swaps to share with you. These swaps are really addicting and I am enjoying them so much! The two I will show you have Americana and summer themes.
     For the Americana Swap, I made a trifold card in red and added red, white, and blue accents, mostly from 4th of July paper and embellishments. The smallest fold in the front holds the pins in place and I also used patriotic colors for these. It was a great use of my stash and I was happy with how they came out!

      For the Summer Swap I fashioned a beach bag out of fun foam and ribbon and added stickers to the fronts and backs, with a fish motif. I added gems to look like bubbles coming from the fish's mouths. The pins were made using summery colors.

      Thanks for looking. I have been so busy making pins and swivel charms for swaps, that I hadn't scrapbooked a regular page in weeks. I remedied that last night with a  page about my adorable nieces. I hope everyone has a great week as the official first day of summer approaches.

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