Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Swivel Charm Swap

     I am a member of The Scrap Beach ( and I joined my first swap over there a few weeks ago. It was a Tim Holtz swivel charm swap, using the clasps he makes and attaching charms. In this particular one, you had to use at least three Tim Holtz charms, but the rest was free rein.
     I had never attempted anything like this before, and I have to say it was a lot of fun! I struggled a bit with the pliers and jump rings, but got better after doing 6 sets for this swap! I didn't have a lot of beads on hand and was surprised at how much you can spend on them!!! No, I do not need another expensive addiction! Repeat after me!
     Presentation was part of the swap. I used Tim Holtz paper to create a layered tag and stamped on clocks and the saying, "A moment in time". I cut a clock from a piece of his patterned paper, layering a piece of cardstock behind it for durability) and added stamped hands and a brad in the middle to attach my charms. I thought they came out pretty well for my first attempt. I know that they are loaded with charms. I am going to use mine to adorn the outsides of mini-albums or regular albums. I think they will look cool hanging down from the top. By the way,  they are not all the same, so I took a few pictures. Hope you like them!