Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Scrapping Weekend

     This past weekend I went up to northern Va. to the Dulles Expo Center for a Get Croppin' scrapbooking weekend with two really good friends. There were two other events at the Center: a Memorabilia Show and a Super Pet Expo. Needless to say, the parking lots were packed and after the twentieth dog got walked into the Pavilion they had to put signs on the door pointing out where each activity was being held!
     My friends and I sat together, scrapping and laughing as per our usual agenda. On Saturday people started running down the hallway towards the bathrooms, so I grabbed my camera and ran, too! Turns out the people from the Memorabilia Show were 'sneaking' Peyton Manning out the back door of their show, which happened to be our hall! He was headed out and I was taking pictures of the back of his head and everyone else with their cameras, thinking it would be the best shots I'd get. Then I yelled,"Please turn around!" and you could see his step hesitate.......but then he stopped and turned around and waved, smiling at a horde of women with cameras! He was a great sport! I got some super pictures and went screaming down the hall after he left because I was so happy!
     It was an unexpected bonus to an already awesome weekend! It totally made me smile the whole rest of the time. Of course, we teased our one friend who had still been asleep back at the hotel and missed the whole thing. We embellished the story right along with our pages, just for her benefit! Thanks for keeping it real, Peyton!

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